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“Andrew Wyeth, one of America’s best-known twentieth-century artists, painted many of his most important works of art in his Chadds Ford studio. Given to the Brandywine River Museum of Art by the artist’s wife, Betsy James Wyeth, the studio provides visitors with a unique opportunity to experience this very personal space. The artist’s son, Jamie Wyeth, said:

The world of Andrew Wyeth is best understood by a visit to his studio.”


I am always thrilled to wander through unfamiliar property, but I am exceedingly thrilled to wander through an artist’s studio just to feel, breathe, and touch what they lived in their most casual way. We tend to put artists on high horses and worship them as gods, but the artist’s studio will bring that person down to a more tangible level even as we continue to worship their works. Familiarity is understood as paint brushes lie scattered, drawing plans are pinned to walls and scattered on tables and floor – and one recognizes the aroma of turpentine and oil. And in this place, I am most keenly aware of the solitary life of the dedicated artist, isolating mind and spirit in a room, on a canvas, while the world entertains and moves at lightning speed all around them. Their space is quiet or filled with music. Their world is removed in order to find focus, aesthetics, and meaning.

Artists do inspire – and I found myself picking up natural materials and creating art from what I loved in Wyeth’s paintings. Rocks and pebbles served as a support for found objects: earth’s substance and man’s utilitarian design within. I hope to develop this idea as I play more. Wyeth was tenacious. He had a schedule. He studied technique at a young age and developed mastery early in his career. I don’t know how to do that – other things get in the way. He was lucky to live as an artist at so young an age – and fearlessly pursue his passion. But I can try, and do my best. We can all try, and do our best.

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