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Megan Webb- Art blog for 6-15-15

madonnachildFor this blog post I am writing about my own personal art!  I am really good at starting projects and never finishing them, so this summer I plan to fix that.  All my most recent works are graphite drawings.  I have several drawing from a religious series I was working on years ago to revisit.  The Madonna and Child was influenced style wise by Renaissance artist Carlo Crivelli, but I was also really inspired by a black and white mother and child photograph by Sebastiao Salgado.  Pawpaw

Also on the older side, the drawing of the man in a suit is based on a photograph of my grandfather when he was younger.  The other 2 images I have included are drawings of my dog, Havic, and cat, Fela.  I started these pieces during our glorious snow days and these will probably be my first on the list of works to complete.  During our snow break, I decided one of my kitchen walls was looking very bare and what better to fill it with than artwork of my pets!  These pieces are intended to be hung side by side with Havic on the left and Fela on the right.  The banner in Havic’s portrait continues off the right side of the paper and enters the left side of Fela’s.  Havic banner will read “Havic the Golden” and I haven’t really thought of an adjective for Fela that is flattering so still thinking on that. I am also toying with the idea of adding some light color to the background but haven’t completely decided on that.

Fela    Havic

But that is about it for current work.  I hope to complete all those works first and possibly start some acrylic painting since it has been awhile since I’ve worked with that.  I hope everyone has a great, art-filled summer!

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