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Post by Bill Tippit

When you say “card game”, one can expect to conjure images of poker players huddled around a smoky table crouched over cards with various suits and numbers printed in the traditional red and black. There is .however, a modern twist on card games that is not only very entertaining but also very effective at developing creativity. Games such as “cards Against Humanity, Telestrations, Say Anything and Superfight are party card games that rely on the players’ creativity to make the games interesting and fun. I have found that with simple modifications, games of this type are great creativity builders in the classroom.

In one activity, I used the game “Superfight”. The idea of the game is you draw one card that is your fighter and one card that is the fighter’s power or ability. For example, I drew Godzilla as my fighter and his ability was “stuck in a child’s electric car”. Other players have to draw their own cards. Once everyone draw their cards the players discus and debate who would win in a battle. There are even modifiers that allow you to draw location cards (in a crashing airplane with only one parachute) or situations (gravity is reversed).

As described, the game is a wonderful creative developing exercise. The limits the cards play one the players (the rules) engage the left side of the brain and the imagination and inventive solutions the players develop engage the right side. Studies show that activities that engage both hemispheres simultaneously develop divergent thinking.

In addition, one class completed a project ahead of schedule so we took a class period to discuss illustration and the student illustrated their battles. The students had a great time and were engaged. All the drawings were unique and varied. This activity can lead into projects that cover concepts such as depth creating techniques, landscapes, figure drawings and proportions to name a few so I plan on ordering the full set and using it more often.


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