Pete the Cat Visits the Art Room

Post by Laura Ragan

Almost anyone these days that has a kid in elementary school can tell you about Pete the Cat. He’s a lovable little blue guy that goes around doing silly stuff and singing silly songs. A lot of the stories even take place in school! He teaches about helping the new kid, sharing, what happens when you step in blueberries, etc… I had no idea who he was until this year. My son came home talking about him on the first day of school! (Please do not confuse Pete with Splat the Cat. This makes children confused and upset that you don’t know the difference.) So, when I found a lesson on Deep Space Sparkle, I knew we had to do it.


The lesson I wrote is for 2nd grade. It seemed a little old to me in the beginning but once we started I realized the younger kids could not have done this. I began by reading Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes but you could also read Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes. There’s a catchy little tune in there that the students loved! Next, we talked about the shapes we could use to draw Pete, mostly rectangles. When the drawing actually started some of the kids had a hard time getting the head the right size. They always want to draw small. After we had Pete we added the horizon line, sidewalk, and school. Then they painted. I found that regular tempera paint worked better than Tempera Cakes because we could get more color variation and it was much cleaner. Lastly, the kids outlined the images in black paint. Oil pastel was tried but I preferred the paint look.
Overall I think they turned out pretty nice:


The eyes are last. We still need to finish those!

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