Organic Pebble Shapes Drawings

Posted by Amy Kerner

Hi Everyone! This is Mrs. Kerner from Woodrow Wilson High School! So far it has been a great year, students are working hard and creative art is underway! The project I would like to share about in this entry is one that I feel like is very accessible for all students no matter what skill level or experience level they may be at when they enter my Art I class. It is a project I have students do when learning value and art basics. I have students measure and cut drawing paper to 8 x 8 inch squares. Then I have students fill the page space to create organic pebble shapes (in the future I plan to make the square smaller and have them create a border and possibly use it to incorporate more writing.) I also explain the importance of variety and discuss using various sizes of pebbles. It also is motivational to nervous students that no two pebbles are exactly alike so there is no “wrong” way to draw one. Once they have filled the space with the organic pebbles, I teach them how to shade the pebbles using ebony pencils and blending stumps. This creates an excellent opportunity for them to practice the skills of applying value REPEATEDLY! I once had an art teacher tell me the best way to learn to draw something is to practice it 80 different times and 80 different ways. Well, using that line of thinking, once the students create these they will know how to shade a pebble FOREVER.  After they have completed shading, I have them choose a quote, saying, or song lyric that has meaning to them, and show them how to make the lettering appear “engraved” into the pebbles. It is a really neat effect, and the students really think hard about the sayings they choose for the pebbles.  I have students “scatter” the words as well so they don’t bunch them all up in one area to move the eye across the pebbles. They come out wonderful and the students are very proud of them, because they look very realistic and require craftsmanship and patience.

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