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Greetings fellow teachers and parents,

Remember when we were just wee lads or lasses, there were so many toys that helped foster the creative spirit that exists in each of us. The illuminated Light Bright, the majestic Erector sets, and countless foot destroying Legos. One such toy inspired my imagination and creativity like no other, the infamous Spirograph.

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I remember searching the house for typing paper and straight pins and spending countless hours carefully rotating the plastic gears and alternating different color ink pens to create intricate and mesmerizing designs.

Now there you can recreate the fun of this creativity inspiring toy using modern technology. A software designer Nathan Friend has an online version of the classic Spirograph called Inspirograph, that may well suck up the next few hours of your time. As a teacher I hope to use it as an activity for students who finish an assignment early or as an independent practice tool to help teach the concepts of Non-Objective art, radial balance and bilateral symmetry. It can even be used to express math functions visually.

Unfortunately at this time Websense is blocking the sight but I have used it from home and it works fine. You can even export, edit and print your designs. I have asked our Internet security forces to look into allowing access to the site but for now, check out some of the samples below and play around with it from your home computer.

The website is http://nathanfriend.com/inspirograph/ and examples are in the gallery .

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