Value Lessons

Posted by Eric Baur
My sixth grade students began the school year by discussing value. We started by tracing circles then slowly adding value with pencils to create a sphere. Doing this project first, helps the student build confidence in their ability to create different levels of value. Towards the end of the lesson I start showing the students artwork by M. C. Escher. The subject matter instantly gets their attention. They also have a better understanding of value and are able to appreciate Escher’s skill as an artist. This helps introduce the second value lesson.

Students begin by tracing their hand then going back and correcting any slips or bumps. Once the hand is traced students add details like fingernails and joints. Finally the students begin adding value to the hand. I have a variety of images for the students to view while they are working on their hand drawings, and a few of these images are x-rays of hands. This year two of my students wanted to incorporate bones into their hand drawing. I will admit at first I was hesitant. I explained to the students that if they chose to incorporate bones they must look realistic and not cartoonish. The two students are still working on this project and I am pleased at their progress.

bones2    bones1

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