What I did on Spring Break – Art Gallery Visits

By Martin Burke April 2014

Like most teachers I never take for granted the much appreciated Spring Break vacation. In addition to sleeping in, visiting with family and friends and recharging the old batteries, might I add that it is also a great time for educators to plan on what needs to be taught for the remainder of the year? With less than two months left in the semester and final exams looming, I like to see how I might “shake things up a bit” and prepare my last lesson plans.

Well, this Spring break I had an even easier time planning new lessons because I managed to squeeze in time doing one of my favorite activities: Gallery Hopping! I am sure that I am not the only artist, art teacher or art fan that enjoys this adventure. And yet for a professional art educator I feel that it is almost CRUCIAL to gallery hop and go out and see a variety of professional artworks. I consider it professional development! Much like an English teacher absorbing a new novel or a music teacher listening to the latest CD or the drama teacher hitting Broadway, for the visual art teacher, gallery hopping (or visiting any space with professional artwork for viewing) is doubly inspirational and necessary! For one, galley hopping inspires our creativity… our ideas evolve and soak up a new idea or two that can be presented as a challenge to our class. Secondly, “g-hopping”, certainly inspires our attention to craftsmanship—how could it not? These are some of the finest pieces of labor intensive artwork that was first patiently executed and then carefully hung, purposefully lit and now presented as the best of the best for purchase or perusal!

The pictures shown here are of me basking in the signage of two spectacular galleries I stopped in while in the Outer Banks. I spent well over an hour in each and even bought a batik inspired painting! So look out class I and primed to teach something exciting and new! Happy “G-hopping” everybody!

photo 3     photo 1

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