Helping out with the S.O.L. tests

By Bill Tippit

The students at Churchland Middle School are learning more than just observational drawing. These students are also reviewing for their Math S.O.L. test. Mr. Tippit and Ms. Gardner teach students how to draw from direct observation as well as use depth creating techniques like overlapping, size and positioning. In addition the wooden objects that are the subject of the still-life drawing are the same types objects the students are studying in Algebra and Geometry class.  Students will be expected to identify and predict what the shapes will look like from the top, bottom and sides after being presented with only one view. In art class we practice drawing these objects from different angles in order to help familiarize the students with the characteristics of the objects and how they appear from different angles. If you are interested in making some of these objects for your students, all you need is a glue gun, circular saw and 1.5 inch edging found at your local hardware store.

sols 3 sols 1 sols 2

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