Invertebrate Invasion


The lead science teacher for fifth grade at my school asked for my assistance. She wanted me to come up with a cross-curricular lesson that would blend art and science. The purpose was to aid fifth graders in understanding the differences between invertebrate and vertebrate animals. The students began the assignment by incorporating the art-making process. They brainstormed five animals that lack a backbone (dragon fly, crab, squid, lobster, snail) and listed them in their art journal.  Then, the students chose one animal from the list and made a preliminary sketch of that animal. Next, the students wrote in their art journal a plan to make a better final drawing. Each student was given a dictionary so they could find an illustration of an invertebrate in order to refine their preliminary sketch.  The students then watched a video from United Streaming on jellyfish. We discussed the lines and shapes needed for such a drawing. The students drew their composition in pencil on drawing paper and then used oil pastels for values and details.

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Marc Craig

Art Teacher

Park View Elementary School

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