An invasion of mystifying monsters, foul fiends and ghastly ghouls!

Martin Burke October 2013

Just in time for Halloween, my students were tasked with not only showing me their understanding of the illusionary space creating technique of  linear perspective but also, their understanding of visual problem solving! After three days of teaching my classes the system of drawing horizon lines, adding vanishing points and having lines converge towards the vanishing points my class was ready for their “Home Invasion” project! No, please don’t worry! I was not teaching them about the home invasion that involves burglary! But rather an invasion of mystifying monsters, foul fiends and ghastly ghouls! The students were asked to draw a scene with ten buildings, two streets that would all be infected by some unwanted guests! I asked my class to pick three random numbers that corresponded with a chart of adjectives and nouns… upon making their selection they were given their monster to create! The word chart was first discovered while reading a children’s book to my own kids! So, upon looking at these pictures can you tell which neighborhood was visited by Big Skinned Ghouls, Hairy Gilled Belchers, Cat Eared Mummies or Big Eyed Knuckleheads?

I hope you enjoy the projects as much as I enjoyed seeing their creativity unfurl! Happy Halloween everybody and for heaven’s sake– Be careful! There are monsters lurking about…

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