Hoping for SNOW!

Blog post by Megan Varnell


Here at Westhaven we’re all hoping for snow, so we’ve hung the hallways with all snow themed artwork.  Kindergarten collaged snowmen looking up into the sky.  With this lesson, students practiced tracing and cutting out shapes and arranging them as demonstrated.   I introduced them to the term composition, creating a diagonal composition in this collage.  We then discussed pattern and students created an ABAB pattern on the scarves. 


First grade worked on a mixed media penguin project.  We started off with the watercolor background.  I gave students watercolor paper and they discussed how it differs from our regular drawing paper.  They then drew 2 wavy lines to break their ground up some.  We had previously done a lesson on foreground, middle ground and background so they were already familiar with these terms.  When painting the foreground, I guided students in using more water to create a lighter value of blue, discussing how this will help bring our foreground forward and push the background back. They used a white crayon to draw dots in the sky before using a violet to paint it.  Day 2 we started by talking about what type of an environment we created and what animals could be found there.  We collaged the penguins by combining many simple shapes.  We reviewed size relationships and discussed that we are making one larger to show its closer and one smaller to show it’s further away.  We also reviewed which penguin would go in the foreground and which would go in the background.  Tempera paint was used to add white to the face and belly.  This part was challenging to some because they had to paint a white circle and paint around the circle, leaving the inside black.  Many accidently painted the circle in, so in those cases they just cut out 2 small black circles from their scraps and glued them down for the eyes. 


Second grade drew snowmen using soft pastels.  We discussed different types of forms and how they can be created in a drawing by adding shadows and highlights to shapes.  We focused on the sphere and studied the light on a Styrofoam ball.  We drew 3 stacked circles on blue construction paper and I guided them in applying white to the left side for the highlighted area.  We then added some light blue to the middle and dark blue on the right side.  Students blended with their fingers to create a gradual transition.  I then guided them in creating a cylinder for the top hat.  Students worked independently to add details.  As our artwork shows, we are ready for a snow day!          


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