Marc Craig – “Black History Matters”

Greetings fellow art teachers, In celebration of black history month, Park View Elementary School used the February P.T.A meeting to highlight cultural brilliance. To promote the event, my students and I created a banner that displayed the theme “Black History Matters”. Many successful African-Americans were depicted. Students and their families were placed in large groups … Continue reading Marc Craig – “Black History Matters”

Erin Griffith-Mosley: “Bullying Prevention Month”

As an elementary art educator, we are expected to rearrange our lessons to accommodate the building schedule.  This means that our schedule is as fluid as a river flowing towards a waterfall.  This year has been no different.  First, there was the missed days in our school division due to “inclement” weather.  Then I was … Continue reading Erin Griffith-Mosley: “Bullying Prevention Month”

Aimee Sirna: Student Achievement Charts

In the interest of reducing referrals and boosting student performance, I have implemented Student Achievement Charts in my classroom.  This provides a positive visual record for each student.  On Fridays, I check to see which students have filled a horizontal row.  Those students get to choose two prizes. I put a check next to the … Continue reading Aimee Sirna: Student Achievement Charts