44 thoughts on “Blogging Week #13

  1. If I had super powers it’ll probably be the power to stop time so I could get extra sleep. WHY? Because, I love sleeping.

  2. if i had super powers i would like to have a power to be invidible and read minds lol because i be wondering what people thinking and i would like to be invisible to sit in places and see what some people do when im not around.

  3. Their are so many powers I would want but the one I really would want is to fly !

  4. I would want the power to heal anything, control fire, or have the power to freeze things. The reason why I would want the power to heal anything is to be able to heal everyone that is sick. I want the power to control and manipulate fire because I would be able to do a lot of good with that power. The power to freeze things is a power I would love to have because I would be able to tolerate any level of cold weather.

  5. If I could have any superpower it would be, to understand others the first time we meet.

  6. If I could have any superpower, I would want to have the ability to be invisible, B/c If I was invisible I could get away with a lot of things, and I can prank people

  7. my superpoweer would be psychic , im going to have the ability to tell what people is thinking inside. Also another power i would like is to know when people are lieing because i hate liers.

  8. I am already super, so I don’t need superpowers. Sometimes I wish I weren’t psychic, but I just embrace it.

    @Iamni3 being psychic is a blessing and a curse, you think that it’s what you want until you get it. Be careful what you wish for!

    @Shane7 that’s a very intuitive and smart answer. Most people don’t think of things like that when they think of “superpowers.”

  9. @Shane7, i would have never thought of anything like that. thats a nice choice.

  10. If I could have any superpower it would be to make people come back to life.

  11. @James7 I would bring people back to life to.
    @Sacaria I would love to fly.

  12. I think i would want super strength, lol it would be cool to hit HRs 600-700 ft.
    @ShaQueia7 yaah , being invisible would be sweet doe.
    @Breeyawna7 you really should think about killing the noise. lol youre not psychic

  13. I want to hit a homerun every single time I hit and don’t ever strike out.

    @Kailin7 600-700 ft home runs would get you tested for steriods after every single game
    @James7 I wish you could bring people back to life

  14. @Xena6 I would like that superpower.
    @Akasha 7 I agree with you because our post are similar.

  15. kailin7 i do agree with you super strength would be great and jerome6 i would love to fly too

  16. To Shanequa5

    I also would love to be psyche because I would be able to change the outcome of things and be able to help people with that power.

  17. I want to fly so I can get far away from here.
    @darreyona7 I’ll love to do everything.
    @jamel Teleportation sounds cool.

  18. ShaQueia7 and James7 i agree with you both especially James because i would bring back Marvell, RayRay, DJ, Peanut, My Aunt, My Grandma, My godmother, My 2 grandfathers and my nephew! R.I.P to all of them!!!! 🙁

  19. If I could have any super power, I would have the ability to become invisible so I can pick with people.

  20. I agree with Xena6 being able to bring people back to life would really be helpful.

  21. I agree with Kalin7 super strenghth would also be helpfull, things would be easier

  22. i agree with @jerome6 to heal people would be cool i would bring alot of people back

  23. If I could have one super power, it would be to make things levitate and move with my mind. I think it is so cool when people do that in movies. I tried to do it when I was little, but it didn’t work, but yea.

  24. @Jamel7 teleportation is pretty cool, that would be nice, wouldn’t have to worry about traffic or anything

    @Breeyawna7 oh, you need to get that checked out, you’re not supposed to be able to see into the future. That super power would be cool though.

  25. if i could have any superpower i would choose being a mind reader because i want to know what other people think so i won’t be guessing

  26. @jazmin7 thats a cool & interesting superpower lol
    @marvina5 I totally agree, i love sleeping!

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