66 thoughts on “Blogging Week #12

  1. I think the photo is real becsuse it do not look photoshoped i agree with @marvina5 our post is similar and ShaQueia7

  2. i think its photoshop, because i dont understand how they would make it look that clear

  3. I think it’s real bacuse I’ve seen someone take a picture like that on YouTube.
    @Zana6 Yeah, I think they added a little bit of photoshop.
    @Xena6 That’s what I saw people on YoutTube do.

  4. i think its real because of the structure and the color is a little darker blue than photoshop because it would mak the picture a little lighter.

  5. I think this photo is real but a little photoshopped. The effect of the water when you pour is real but the color and background I believe is photoshopped.

  6. @shane. i agree, it is impossible to make that happen and take a picture.

  7. i think its real , but than edited or something to make it look that clear

  8. I think the picture is photoshopped @darreyona7it looks fake to me. so i would say photoshop

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