75 thoughts on “Blogging Week #10

  1. @Miracle5 I agree with you!, I want a full ride to college also! That’s a good wish.

  2. @Jerome6, Tht is very nice of you, that’s a great idea for a wish. It’s always nice to help others.

  3. one wish is forever stay young and never die . @jazmyn yes i want to be very successful @jadajia a peaceful life with no worries would be GREAT !

  4. @Xena6 I agree with you. I would love to get me and my family out of Portsmouth.

  5. @Jazmin7 I agree with you. I would love to be successful in anything I do. Thats a good wish.

  6. I would want lots of money @kemo i agree you cant go wrong with money

  7. @Ronald7, i agree with you because i do wish that i could rewind back to my freshman year

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