Blogging Week #9

Check out the following links. Read up on logo design and tell me TWO important things that any logo should have in them (you should see a common theme/trait in the ones you view). One sentence response by Tuesday and then TWO posts on other students responses by Wednesday.

67 thoughts on “Blogging Week #9

  1. All logo should have something that would catch your eye, and make you interested in whatever your advertising or the logo itself.

  2. @Johnny7 I agree with you bro. All logos need to be interesting. Nobody likes a boring logo!

  3. a logo should have something that catches people attention and the name.

    @james7 logo should have color
    @jazmin7 logo should catch the eye of people

  4. i agree with @johnny7 because a logo should catch your eye so you can be interested in the product.

  5. Logos should stand out to a specific audience. There should also be a title. I Agree with @Shane7 logos should stand out Also, I agree with @Imani3 you should always have a title.

  6. I agree with johnny7 every logo should have that something that catches you eye

  7. I agree @johnny7 every logo should have a meaning that catches the eye

  8. a big picture of someone or something & than words that pop and standout.

  9. @Johnny7 I agree with you cuh. all logos should be nice to look at , nobody likes a boring logo!

  10. i think that a logo should standout in at least 2 ways , one by having a picture or image of some sort and it has to leave a memory in peoples mind. so that whenever people see it , they remember it.

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