81 thoughts on “Blogging Week #8

  1. Graphic designs are creative beacause it gives you a visual description of the picture. It also draws alot of attetion beacause of the filters and things.

  2. Graphic designer are very creative.It take a creative mind to come up with ads that people will like.

  3. @Princeton6 I agree with you bro. If you use it correctly then you can have it help you in many ways.

  4. I think graphic design is creaitive, because you can express your feelings and your mood.

  5. @shane 7 i think grapgic design is very creative, because you can express your feelings and your mood

  6. We need people who are creative to create designs that people like. Graphic designers are very creative people.
    @Shane7 Yes, graphic allows people to being out their creative side. @Antonae5 yea filters are important.

  7. Grapic design can help to express who you are. It can draw attention to someone by using creativity.

  8. I agree with Jerome6 they are used to attract the eue which is why color is useful

  9. The Designs is very creative and interesting i agree with @Marvina that it is similar somewhat and @Zana is write creativity draws people attention in

  10. Graphic design is creative because it draws alot of attetion. it is also creative because it shows the mood you are in.

  11. @shane7 i agree with you because i also think that graphic design is creative because you can express your feelings.

  12. @jerome6 i agree with you to because i think that graphi design is used to catch someones eye

  13. graphic designs are creative because it helps you get a visual of the picture in your own way. I agree with @marvina5 , graphic designs are creative, I also agree with @jerome6 becasue graphic design is to a persons eye

  14. Graphic designers are very cool & creative.It takes a very unique artistic eye to come up with ads that people will like.

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