Blogging Week #7

So, what things have you learned in high school that YOU KNOW you will use when you graduate (classroom appropriate) and what things have you learned in high school that YOU KNOW you will NOT use when you graduate (classroom appropriate).

One – two complete sentences and then respond to TWO of your classmates posts!

Post your FIRST comment by Wednesday!

84 thoughts on “Blogging Week #7

  1. @breeyawna7 umm are you mad i didn’t capitalize & that i didn’t put the “g” at the end of the word “being” i didn’t know it was that serious, but thanks for worrying about me lmfaoo <3

  2. I know i will use everything i learned in per. finance but i will never use what i learned in history class even thou its good to know these things

  3. i agree with @ronald7 because I would need English because English is apart of everyday life

  4. I agree with Jermaine 5 you need engish for just about every job. You need good grammar on your job applications

  5. @Jermaine 5 i also agree. you need english, in every job you will have to read something.

  6. I learned not to talk so much and play around so i will not use that but i did learn to do my work and stay on task seperate myself from the trouble and basically work hard.

  7. i also agree with @jazmin7 because being able to type on a expert level can take you a long way.

  8. I have learned alot of computer skills so far and that can take you along way just knowing how to do simple things

  9. in high school i have learned english and math and being that i want to be in the medcial field i will need to know them to subjects..i also have learned about history and being in the medical fiedl has nothing to do with history.

  10. One thing I know i will use in life is proper english and math. I know i will not use latin in life unless I become a doctor.

  11. i agree with Antonae5 about not using latin and I agree with Kevon6 I will use math and english

  12. @kina6 I agree that english wil be very important after highschool.

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