95 thoughts on “Blogging Week #5

  1. @deondre7 i also have a fear of death death is something that affects me alot especially when someone close to me dies.

  2. @Nadarius07 I’m also afraid of snakes, most of them just grow to big.
    @Deondre I also have fear in death, even though i shouldn’t be .

  3. xena6 i know how you feel i used to be afread of hights and deondre7 i got over my fear of death whats after is what scares me

  4. I am afraid of not being successful in college; I disagree that heights aren’t frightening.

  5. My phobia is getting in a car accident and it affect me becuse it make me not want to drive.

  6. i agree with @deshonte5 i am afraid of cats as well i also agree with @marvina because our post is similar

  7. i am afraid of birds becasue they just dont care, and i agree with Xena6 Im afraid of heights too but i love rollercoasters, I also agree with Jamal7 Im not afraid of death just what comes after it

  8. My phobia is Ornithophobia which is im fear of birds. I hate birds because i got pooped on twice before and it was by a seagul. So every since then im scared of birds

  9. I fear noise when im by myself, or in the house by myself. It makes me thing someone is in the house with me.

  10. Acarophobia- Fear of itching or of the insects that cause itching.
    Apiphobia- Fear of bees.
    Arachnephobia or Arachnophobia- Fear of spiders

  11. i am Achluophobia, when im in the dark it feels like someone is watching me & i cant see what it is

  12. i am also Acrophobia, i HATE being in the sky ugh ! my hearts feels like its getting bigger omg worst feeling ever

  13. i have Acrophobia because i dont like heights . I dont like roller coasters are anything where i have to leave the ground

  14. one phobia im scared of are snakes they really make my skin crawl i hate the site of them

  15. i agree wit @LaRon6 and @zana6 im afraid of ferris wheels too. heights aint for me.

  16. @Destiny5 omg, that is so funny. Why are you afraid of wheelchairs? They are quite safe.

  17. one phobia i have is heights and why is because i just don’t like being high up in the air.

  18. I disagree with @Kiana6 im not scared of bugs becasue when i see them i just kill em.

  19. i really agree with @shane7 that is a good phobia not to be succesful in college or also even in life.

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