Blogging Week #2

Here is your task.

Take a look at the following image and tell me 1) is it real or photoshop, 2) why you pick real or photoshop, and 3) what do you think of the image itself.

Respond by WEDNESDAY with complete sentences. Once you have posted, please comment on TWO other students !

113 thoughts on “Blogging Week #2

  1. darreyona7 and james7 i don’t agree with you both the picture isn’t photoshop

  2. I agree with @Zana6 the picture does not look real i dont think you can get that clear of a view of that size on a plane

  3. @Ronald 7 i also agree it does look real but at the same time i think it was photoshoped based on the lighting of the image

  4. @Jermariya7 i agree somebody maybe did edit it a little. @tikeria6 i agree this is a beautiful picture

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