Blog Requirements



Required elements for every blog:  Your first name only and the block number at the end of your first name i.e. John1 *Note: if there are more than one of the same name, use your first name, first initial of your last name, and block number as your name.


THERE WILL BE NO SHORT HAND OR TEXT MESSAGE RESPONSES; EVERYTHING MUST BE WRITTEN IN COMPLETE SENTENCES UNLESS OTHERWISE INSTRUCTED.  Responses not adhering to these guidelines will not be posted and you will not receive a grade.  It is YOUR responsibility to post on your own time and in the proper manner. 


Consider this – you have a Myspace page, a Facebook page, and a blog on the web.  Who all has access to view these?  Do you think that everything you post is truly private?  Do you think that colleges and potential employers will ever come across these pictures and postings that you write?  They do!  Some even INTENTIONALLY go to find your Myspace and Facebook pages.  You carry an online persona just like you carry your own personal identity.  


The classroom blog can be accessed from my website or the direct link  

46 thoughts on “Blog Requirements

  1. I HATE bloging, i really dont ant to do this. But i need a good grade in this class so im going to just put up with is and do it !

  2. i think bloging is cool and provides alot new information from stuff,but gets in the way sometimes

  3. i guess its ok , its not really one of my fav things to do but i dont have any problems with it

  4. I like blogging because you can comment on things you like. You can agree with something you see thats interesting to you and that catch your eye. You even can put what you thing about things.

  5. I think bloging is a very cool thing. It allows you to communicate with others on how you feel about certain things. It also allows others to comment and tell how they feel about your post.

  6. @James7, very intuitive response.
    @Zana6, of course you missed blogging!!!
    @MyWonderfulStudents5,6,7, I am looking forward to blogging with you!

  7. I have never blogged a day in my life. The only reason why Im blogging is because itss a grade, but I am starting to like blogging. @Jerome6 I agree with you, this is a good experience. @tikeria7 At first I was just doing it because of grade purposes but I’m beginning to like it.

  8. blogging is okay, its a way you can express how you feel and give your own opinion on certain things

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