Frequently Asked Questions

How often does my child have art? 

Students have art class for 40 minutes once or twice a week.

What other art opportunities exist at CES?

There are Art Clubs for Grades 4-6.  Our school also has a Computer Art program.

How do you decide what artwork to hang?

Each grade does the same project.  There are 4 – 5 classes in each grade.  After the project is finished, I choose around 10 works of art from each class to hang on the walls.  This gives me approximately 40  – 50 pieces of artwork.  I look for pieces that are totally complete and reflect understanding of the lesson objectives. 

My child is really upset that his or her artwork was not chosen!

If a student is really upset that their work was not hung, please encourage them to come and talk to me in the art room.  We can pull out their artwork, discuss it, finish the work if needed, and get the artwork hung on the walls.  Every student deserves to see their work displayed, but this gets a little complicated when there is 1 full-time art teacher per 800 students.  I am happy to accommodate a child’s request. 

Do you accept art room volunteers?

Yes!  Mainly, I seek volunteers to hang and remove artwork in the halls.  You can do this anytime school is open.  Please email me if you are interested! 

What do you teach in your class?

The commonwealth of Virginia has Art Standards of Learning for each grade level, just like other subjects.  The only difference is that Art SOLS are not tested.  So, when planning my lessons, I cover the Art SOLs first, and try to support core curriculum when possible.  There are many natural connections when it comes to Social Studies, Language Arts and Technology.

How do you use technology in the classroom?

After the application process, I was awarded a Promethean System for the art room.  I also use a document camera to project smaller pieces of art and show demonstrations on the big screen.  We frequently use Powerpoint, ActivInspire, and Microsoft Word software.  Online, I utilize Discovery Education videos, Promethean Planet, and Portaportal for managing links. 

What makes an art teacher highly qualified?

Art teachers must have a 4 year college degree in Art Education and a valid Virginia Teacher’s license.  We must meet requirements to renew our licenses just like classroom teachers.  I attended Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. 

 Do you do your own artwork?

Lately, I have been doing a lot of knitting and embroidery.  In the past, I’ve done self-portraits using technology and mixed media.  I’ve been in Teacher Art Shows, and even won an honorable mention in one.

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