I hope that other art teachers will find these documents useful!

Toulouse-Lautrec– a short, home made film for sixth grade

African Adinkra Cloth:  A Webquest for Grade 5

African Adinkra Cloth:  Accompanying Worksheet

The Colonial Home:  A Webquest for Grade 4

The Colonial Home:  Accompanying Worksheet

Persuasive Art Webquest: Intended for grade 6 and opens in Powerpoint.  Updated February 2010. 

Persuasive Art Worksheet: to accompany the webquest. 

Jim Dine , a Pop Art powerpoint for grades 5 and up.  You need Office ‘o7 for this.

Art Judgment and Criticism , a still-life oriented powerpoint for grades 4 and up.

Chiaroscuro Candy Still life, Grade 6

Pueblo Weaving Lesson Plan, Grade 2

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