Big Changes This Year!

After teaching Elementary art for 15 years, I am now a Middle School art teacher! While I loved teaching Elementary school, K-6 art teachers see their students for only short periods of time each week.  Middle School will enable me to spend more time with my older students, getting to know them and helping them develop artistically, intellectually, and as young human beings.  Currently, I am teaching an 8th grade course in Art Foundations.  It is very exciting to offer this class at the middle school level since it counts as High School credit.

During our first week together, the students studied Line, which is one of the Elements of Art.  The Art Foundation curriculum focuses on the physical and expressive qualities of line.  We also covered craftsmanship.  Students created contour drawings, experimented with line making using different art media, read from our textbook, The Visual Experience, and lastly took a quiz.  There were several grades of 100 on the quiz!  It was a successful week.

While Middle School is a new experience for me, with several facets such as grading, attendance, and tests, I believe I have the skills to do the job well.  After a period of adjustment, I expect to find my groove and have a truly productive, vibrant program.  The students are terrific and I care so much about them.  There is a lot of talent at our school.  I look forward to sharing student work very soon.