Art Ed Forecast



Change is good.  Here are just some of the ones in store for this school year:  

The Standards are Changing.  According to VAEA President Scott Russell, art education leaders have revising our art SOLS.  
Our Curriculum is Changing.  There is a new format for the PPS art curriculum, featuring color and images.  That was my summer job!  The sixth grade document is being piloted and the rest of the grades will be edited as soon as the revised SOLs are available.  
Teacher Evaluation is Changing.  PPS unveiled a new observation form this year.  Also, our art department is responding to the current push for more teacher performance data.  Diana Davenport met with fellow art supervisors to develop an assessment format that made sense for elementary art teachers.  We will be completing this assessment project with third graders by evaluating still life drawings completed during this school year.  
Lesson Plan Information is Changing.  Last spring, we were asked to incorporate Bloom’s Taxonomy and Higher Order Thinking questions in our lesson plans.  

Andy Warhol says: “They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself. “

We can benefit from all of these changes, however, first we must accept and adapt.  Sometimes it is easy to get stuck in a cycle of only doing things one way.  As good teachers, we make the choice to evolve.  Change is good!

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