What’s up in March?

Here’s what is being covered during the month of March:

Kindergarten… Adinkra prints, drawing pigs, decorated cakes
First Grade… Mondrian
Second Grade… Scarab Amulets, Collaged Fruit Crates
Third Grade… The art styles of Picasso, Cubist Faces
Fourth Grade… Mehndi
Fifth Grade… Tessellations
Sixth Grade… Fauvist Landscapes

I have just finished 2 professional development courses and have received an “A” in both!

Fourth Grade Art Club members have just created short instructional videos on how to create a ceramic cupcake using Voicethreads.

Sixth Grade Art Club members will be using clay to make a ceramic creature. They are really excited!

Students in Grades 5 and 6 are focusing on self-assessment at the close of each project. This will help them adjust to the expectations of Middle School art classes in the future.

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